Building the Future of Payroll – Agile Payroll Systems


Selecting a partner and an application represents the single most important decision an entrepreneur will make with their business.

Agile Payroll Systems team of payroll development professionals combine decades of industry experience to build an application and business model that is an efficient and precise process for operating your business. Reducing your risk and servicing your clients are at the heart of the Agile mission.


Agile Payroll Systems provides comprehensive service bureau software and services for those businesses dedicated to an integrated process for payroll and payroll tax processing.

  • Integrated Payroll and Payroll Tax Processing Application
  • Software as a Service Models
  • Back Office Tax and Banking via MPD
  • API’s integration with key partner applications

Leading Technology…

We are building our purpose driven products using the agile software development process that puts both clients and testing front and center in the development process. Our system design and development are client and test driven to ensure the resulting applications are flexible, meet our clients’ requirements and are of the highest quality. There is no offshore development at Agile!