Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many earnings and deduction codes can be placed on a client?
There is no limit to the number of earnings or deduction codes you can attach to a client.

2. Do you support multiple service bureau bank accounts?
You may set up any number of accounts for any of the services you offer. You may attach the accounts individually to each client.

3. Can I run multiple offices from one installation?
Yes, regardless of whether you host your application or use our SaaS model, you can enter payroll from multiple location and process the either in multiple locations or centralize certain functions such as Cash Management and Tax Filing.

4. If I choose the Agile SaaS model, how can I be certain that my data is secure?
The servers are located in a state-of-the-art collocation facility that implements several layers of security and continually ranked #1 for security and HIPPA Compliance. Further, your systems are protected by enterprise level firewalls, data encryption and multiple level of systems security. The servers are owned by Agile Payroll Systems and dedicated to our partners that use the SaaS hosted model. We do not rent space on other servers, nor are our servers ever leveraged by others.

5. Can I allow a CPA or other user access to multiple clients?
Yes, you may attach CPAs, bookkeepers, or others to multiple clients. The client then assigns a role to these users, allowing them anything from a limited access to some reports to full access to enter, approve and print payroll.

6. I want to have my clients approve the payroll before committing it to processing, is this possible?
Yes, our system provides those who enter the payroll directly to view the entire payroll, includes the funds that will be debited from their account, while online. Users using more traditional input such as phone or fax can view the same information in a pre-approval journal before committing the payroll to processing.

7. Are payroll reports available online?
Yes, the users to which the client has granted access my view all payroll reports and quarter and year-end reports online. These reports are available for all payrolls.

8. My current application has a number of manual processes that are error prone, why is Open Payroll better?
We provide a simplified work flow process that brings all of your End of Day and End of Quarter processes into a single interface that allows the user(s) to easily follow the progressing of tasks and record their progress.

9.  Can I offer my client the efficiency of payroll based workers comp insurance that  is broker friendly?
Agile offers a number of pay as you go like Worker Compensation feeds, many of which are automated directly to the agent or the carrier.  All you have to do is sign the client up in many case and we’ll do the rest.  See our Partners page for details.