Key Features & Benefits

Key features and benefits of our Agile Payroll application:

  1. You always own your data. It is available to you at any time.
  2. Our APIs and data connections allow us to provide real-time payroll data to trusted partners.
  3. We provide multiple levels of security and business continuity service.
  4. We use our own enterprise level, name brand equipment in a state-of-the-art colocation facility with redundant power, cooling and communications infrastructure.
  5. We do not rent space on someone else’s hardware. We provide our own redundant and fault tolerant systems.
  6. We monitor, manage and maintain all hardware and software, including licensing and patching.
  7. We monitor critical services 24 by 7 by 365.
  8. We backup all databases and servers frequently.
  9. Your data is never commingled with other users’ data, but maintained in its own database.
  10. We’ve built an open interface that makes the best use of XML for flexible and reliable communications between our system and other related applications, such as Time and Attendance, HRIS and CRM, among others.