Technology to Power Business

Data and transactions continue to move through an increasingly faster, more advanced network of connections. The opportunities to deliver more services and create greater efficiencies is the mission of Agile Payroll and
Data Systems.

We’ve built an open interface that makes the best use of XML for flexible communications facilitating easy yet
reliable communication between our systems and best of breed application such as time and attendance, HRIS and CRM. Transaction processing is an extension of the connections that originate through an employer employee relationship. Tax being the most elementary of those transactions, but the possibilities are endless for the movement of money and administration of services in a data age world.

The Agile system is innovative from its core. Our OPEN payroll systems has been designed and developed by a team with more than 100 years of experience in payroll systems development, operations and support; a team that built the first online payroll systems adopted by the AICPA for its members. This same team built and maintained payroll, tax Filing and cash Management systems for the 5th largest payroll company in the US, InterPay. Every aspect of the system has been built using industry best practices on Microsoft’s .Net framework and MS SQL Server. The final product is a system that is truly agile, secure, extensible and scalable. We have achieved MS Certified Partner Status in part based on independent third party testing of our application for SQL Server and the MS Platform.

Our client centric, test driven development process is fundamental to producing a system with the highest levels of quality and usability built into every aspect of the system. This Agile Development Process combines user involvement in design, review and testing with our team’s vast payroll systems knowledge and experience. The result is a system that our users find simple to use even when dealing with the most complex payroll processes. Leveraging our experience in delivering world class Internet applications, we’ve developed OPEN to suite your hosting requirements. For those operations that have the IT infrastructure to provide sufficient security and business continuity, a self hosted model is available. For those that would like to focus on their payroll business and not consider IT to be their core competency, we offer a SaaS model where we will host the application and data for you.

  • Microsoft’s .NET framework and MS SQL Server are the most efficient way to process on the web
    in real time
  • One proprietary application – Payroll processing, tax and banking
  • Payroll, tax and banking were built to operate as one integrated system
  • Data reliability in a hosted or un-hosted environment
  • Our team has been assembled for over 35 years bringing to market more than 150 years of
    combined industry experience