Backup System/Storage

Backup Systems and Storage from AgileFailure is not an option in the payroll business and redundancy is the solution. Agile Payroll Systems offers you a premium level of technology support and systems that keep running when hardware fails.

In our High Availability SaaS hosted environment, Agile Payroll provides a completely redundant and fault tolerant structure. Our colocation facilities are housed with the nations number 1 ranked cloud services provider, leveraging the benefits of our data center, including:

  • The strictest adherence HIPPA Compliance Regulation insures up to date security and data protection.
  • Precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with
    incorporated redundancy for internet circuits and servers
  • 24×7 monitoring and power back-up systems to ensure zero
    downtime or minimal disruption in ops due to power failure
  • High-capacity, reliable power generators
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems
  • Sophisticated on-site security.