MPD – My Payroll Department

MPD - My Payroll Department
Using Agile’s proprietary OPEN technology, MPD is a full suite of services that reduces the initial cost of
software, hardware, staff, and licensing fees

  • Payroll software, tax services, and banking fully hosted
  • Service bureau, client, and employee – Complete data access over the web
  • Real time processing

With MPD you can be processing payroll tomorrow.

  • Your team has the power to run one client or thousands.
  • Fees are simple – Based on number of payrolls run, and employees paid, you can easily build in your required gross and net profit.


  • Data Integration and Submission – We leverage the advantages of scale with critical third party providers to services such as pay-as-you-go Workers Comp and Benefits Management, allowing us to drive down your costs of providing these services.
  • Application Training – Although users have found the systems intuitive and easy to use, we offer your staff the training that will help you jump start your use of the system, and at no additional charge to you.
  • Support – In addition to the standard FAQs and web-based documents, our support staff is available to provide you with both their application know-how and their vast experience in payroll operations and compliance.
  • We offer Conversion Assistance for those moving off an older system that no longer suits their needs.
  • We welcome and encourage your input into the application’s enhancements. Although we are constantly adding new features and functionality, your experience, operational and market needs are considered an asset to our partnership.