Service Bureau

Flexible ACH Processing

  • Create any number of accounts for any of the banking services, including Direct Deposit, Tax Filing, Client Billing and Central Checking
  • Create Bank Positive Pay files
  • Attach accounts individually to clients.
  • Reconcile all accounts.

Establish Multiple Print Locations

  • Define print locations to suite your needs
  • Process and print payrolls by location
  • Redirect printing to mitigate business interruptions.

Multi-Client Users
Establish multi-user access codes for CPA and others that need access to multiple clients. CPAs can view
download and request reports for multiple clients to which they have been assigned.

Enter Payrolls and Access Reports over the Internet

  • Internet users use the same screens your CSRs use to enter payroll.
  • Payroll is entered on a quick entry grid that allows temporary changes to be entered quickly
  • Payroll may be entered on the Payroll Detail screen to view and modify any aspect of the calculation either temporarily or permanently.
  • View the results of all pay lines immediately.
  • View the totals for the payroll, including the tax debit before committing the payroll.

Simplified Daily and Weekly Processes
You don’t need a manual check list to remember all of your daily and weekly procedures. We provide a single
point of access to guild you though:

  • Generating the client billing debits
  • Creating the Tax Filing debits to collect tax monies for clients on your tax service.
  • Produce Positive Pay files for the checks issued against your Central Check Account
  • Schedule all tax payments and produce all payment checks, ACH Credits and Agency Upload files.
  • Produce all ACH output as either one “clearing account file” or as individual files by account.
  • Produce all New Hire files
  • Produce all Pay-as-you-Go Workers Comp files.
  • Follow the automated checklist to capture who completed each step and when.
  • View items generated at each step allowing you complete control of each process.

Integrated Tax Filing

  • Tax Filing for Federal, State and Local Taxes
  • Integrated into the payroll system to give you a complete view of the client, including all liabilities, adjustments, credits, funding and payment transactions.
  • No need to license a separate 3rd part solution.

Clear and Concise Payroll Reports

  • All payroll reports saved as PDFs for easy viewing.
  • Payroll Journal and Summary Report provides sufficient information to minimize the need for additional reporting. Your clients will find most of what they need right here.
  • GL Exports to QuickBooks and other accounting software.

Client Setup and Life Cycle Workflow Management

  • Track and move clients through the live cycle from setup to termination.
  • View full history of client across years.

Flexible Client Billing

  • Add recurring changes weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Future Date Rate increases
  • Discounts with expiration dates
  • Simplified Frequency based payroll charges