Tax Compliance

Payroll Tax Processing Technology
A cost-effective, integrated approach to your payroll tax processing needs

Given the growing number of complex payroll tax and regulatory issues to manage, many organizations are struggling to meet mandatory reporting requirements. Meanwhile, payroll tax departments continue to face significant resource constraints. And tax issues continue to cause a large percentage of reported material weaknesses for financial reporting — placing not only payroll tax managers in the spotlight but other senior executives as well.

Agile can provide your organization with scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient options to address your tax compliance support needs. Our tax processing technology addresses the needs of organizations of various sizes and complexity. We have invested heavily in standardized processes and innovative technology tools to offer organizations high-quality, cost-effective payroll tax processing services.

Payroll tax processing technologies from Agile offers your organization the opportunity to pursue cost and time efficiencies as well as access to specialized resources for a wide range of payroll tax process consulting. We can help you pursue efficient payroll tax processing and compliance with a fully integrated application approach to payroll. In addition, you can expect from Agile:

  • A well-thought-out framework with built-in efficiencies, quality control, and technology for each step of the
    payroll tax process.
  • Experienced professionals trained not only in our technology but in all tax reporting and regulatory
    requirements around the nation, federal, state and local.
  • Professionals who are experienced in tax processing platforms.
  • Focused attention to issues pertaining to tax processing and compliance.
  • The benefits of having tax processing and compliance support that is cost effective, technically proficient, and high quality — all critical in today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment.

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  • Improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • Centralized compliance processes with an integrated service provider
  • Enhance visibility and control over process
  • Management can focus on core business and growth platforms


  • OPEN Payroll and Tax – Our proven processing and compliance solution in which you execute all company functions from setup through tax processing.
  • My Payroll Department (MPD) – We assume all responsibility for the processing, payment, and reporting of tax and wages.

Because we offer a choice, you have the flexibility to easily restructure your solution to meet your changing needs. As you grow and expand your offerings, moving the OPEN to MPD allows you to focus on your core business and maximize your time and investment.  We minimize the risk of penalties and interest, protecting the bottom-line from unplanned and unproductive expenses related to non-compliance.

Improve efficiency

  • Electronic signatures
  • SUI Rate Exchange
  • e-File tax payments
  • ACH Credit Tax Payments
  • Unlimited archived tax returns
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • EFTPS debit payments

Improve accuracy

  • Integrated rules database for over 4,600 taxing jurisdictions in the U.S.
  • Agency-approved e-file and paper media tax returns for Federal, SIT, SUI
  • Check writing

Improve service and grow

  • Amended returns
  • Power of Attorney packages
  • EFT enrollment
  • Wage attachments
  • Employer W-2 reporting
  • Employer packages
  • Employee W2s